Advantages and disadvantages of solar energy

By Adam Wilson:

Solar energy is immensely significant to the earth as it is the very source of life! American politician J.D. Hayworth had stated that solar energy is one of the most renewable, pure and affordable sources of energy on this planet. He had also added that man would consume a considerable amount of time to harness solar energy. The sun’s energy is extremely vital for the birth, growth and sustenance of mankind and environment at large. As opposed to the other forms of energy like coal, petroleum and natural gas which are non-renewable, solar energy is an infinite source of energy which should be accumulated and utilized efficiently!


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Advantages of solar energy: Solar energy is quite convenient due to the following reasons:

  • Zero greenhouse gas: Solar energy is a completely natural source of renewable energy! One of the best benefits of this type of energy is that it does not discharge harmful greenhouse gases. Harnessing solar energy is a very scientific process which does not comprise smoke or any chemicals.
  • Boundless free energy: Excluding the installation charges, this energy is totally free. Unlike regular power production, trapping solar energy does not involve any exorbitantly priced process.
  • Employment opportunities: According to EIAA, about 1,00,000 job opportunities have been created in Europe, thanks to its ever expanding solar industry.
  • Boon for environment: Solar energy does not play any role in destructing human or natural habitats as is done by activities like mining. The earth constantly loses significant raw materials through mining.

Disadvantages of solar energy: There are certain disadvantages of solar energy as well. They are as follows:

  • Incompetence: It is believed that solar energy is quite inefficient. This is because of the astonishing fact that only 22% of the solar radiation can be harnessed by a solar panel to be converted into electrical energy. This implies that a vast surface area is required to produce a generous quantity of electricity.
  • Preserving solar energy: Solar energy is quite convenient when it comes to storage! Solar panels are enormous and therefore you need larger panels to store it.
  • Expensive: Price of establishing solar panels in buildings is quite expensive. Huge upfront costs are a big deterrent for most people.
  • Massive size of panels: Solar panels are generally massive and utilizing them can prove to be very cumbersome.

Today fossil fuels like coal and petroleum are steadily on the decline, which is a cause of alarm for our environment. Our daily activities like driving and excessive use of electric appliances like air conditioners encourage constant emission of detrimental greenhouse gases which swell carbon footprint to a large extent.

There are numerous commercial benefits associated to solar energy. Harnessing and utilizing solar energy will assure you of a cleaner and healthier environment, without exhausting the non-renewable resources of energy. Currently, the governments of several nations promote employment of solar energy in an attempt to upgrade our ecosystem! However, there are certain disadvantages of solar energy as well.

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