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Source of Greenhouse Gases

Earth’s atmosphere is affected by the harmful emission of green house gases. These gases give off heat. Trapping of heat and making the atmosphere warmer is the work of these gases. Industrial zones are mainly responsible for the emission of these gases. For the past hundred years there has been a major rise in the […]

Advantages and disadvantages of solar energy

By Adam Wilson: Solar energy is immensely significant to the earth as it is the very source of life! American politician J.D. Hayworth had stated that solar energy is one of the most renewable, pure and affordable sources of energy on this planet. He had also added that man would consume a considerable amount of […]


 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE JOHANNESBURG – Make Africa Green (Pyt) Ltd is a South African black consultancy company established for the purpose and objective of providing consultancy, training and nurturing communities and most importantly learners across South Africa and Southern Africa in the field of natural farming, sustainable natural resource management, permaculture, environmental greening and food […]

Recycling Plastic: How Do You Get Benefitted?

By Adam Wilson: Recycling is a social responsibility and it is really beneficial to the environment as well as to every individual. While most of the people are aware of the benefits of recycling, there are some people who need some more valid reasons to get convinced about the huge benefits of recycling. Now, in […]

Renewable Green Products for Eco-friendly Environment

By Lucy, Manchester UK: Eco friendly means environmentally friendly it also mean nature friendly and green. It is a term used to refer services and goods, guidelines, laws and policies that are claimed to inflict no harm or minimal harm on the environment. Many companies use this term to promote their goods and services. It […]

Building an energy efficient house

By Rens: Sustainability in construction has become increasingly important over the last few years. Sustainable building methods reduce the damage to the environment and they minimize energy use, waste and pollution. Maximizing energy efficiency in your home is environmentally friendly, but it will also save you money in the long run. Let’s have a look […]

Germans Grow Wary of Switch to Renewables

By Spiegel Online: Germany’s switch to renewable energies is driving up electricity bills across the country, with a green technology surcharge set to rise by nearly 50 percent next year. With frustration over the high price tag, it promises to become a key issue in next year’s election campaign. Germany’s four leading electrical grid operators […]