The benefits of an energy management system

By Ingunn Bjoru, ISO 50001:

The energy prices seem to be increasing by the minute and many businesses are looking for ways in which they can both save money and promote themselves as environmentally friendly companies. This is where the ISO 50001 comes in. The ISO, International Organisation for Standardisation, works with companies all over the world to create standards for business processes. The ISO 50001is a certification for energy management systems that can greatly help any business establish good routines and systems for keeping track of energy spends and usage within the company. The benefits of obtaining the certification can be divided into a few main topics.

1.       Determine energy uses through establishing a baseline

Many businesses are not aware of how their energy consumption is distributed. By establishing a baseline the business can easily go

back and review its progress and development. The baseline will work as the reference point and is found by choosing a so-called “base year” or a “base period of time”. This period in time should be one that can provide the business with reliable data and it has to be prior to any energy improvements.

2.       It is easy to implement

Many standardisation bodies have now streamlined their processes in order to make it easier for businesses to achieve the certification whilst carrying out their daily routines and maintaining efficiency in the company. The body will guide you through the entire process, and some might even offer to do most of the paperwork for you to eliminate any waste of time.

3.       Significant savings

When going through the certification process your business will receive a visit from an assessor from the certification body of your choice. The process that follows will help the company identify opportunities to save energy that might have been right under their noses all along. The OFGEM, Office of the Gas and Electricity Markets, is warning that we are set to see a further increase in energy prices, including a major jump in 2015. It only makes sense for businesses to take any necessary precautions to save money on their energy bill.

4.       Demonstrating commitment to the environment

Obtaining a certification for the business is a great way to show partners and customers that the company is taking on-board their responsibility for the environment. Being green is “in” and being able to demonstrate your commitment to this cause through your marketing material is invaluable. As the recognition of certifications is rising it is becoming increasingly important to obtain one and work in compliance with the requirements it places upon the company.

These benefits are sure to encourage any business to consider obtaining a certification. Saving money and being able to promote the commitment to the environment and green issues. It is showing consumers, potential investors and partners that all processes within the business has been evaluated against an international standard to ensure that the company is complying with international laws and regulations and they can rest assured that the company will continue this compliance as there are yearly audits following the achievement of the certification.

About Author

Ingunn is a freelance copywriter, writing on behalf of QMS International who provide companies all over the world with certifications such as the  ISO 50001, showing their commitment to the environment and green living.


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