Source of Greenhouse Gases

Earth’s atmosphere is affected by the harmful emission of green house gases. These gases give off heat. Trapping of heat and making the atmosphere warmer is the work of these gases. Industrial zones are mainly responsible for the emission of these gases. For the past hundred years there has been a major rise in the earth’s temperatures due to greenhouse gases. Carbon Dioxide or CO2 is a major greenhouse gas that results from burning of wood, fossil fuels and solid wastes. Coal, oil and natural gases get burned and they produce nitrous oxide.


This is a process common in factories. Decomposition of organic wastes leads to the production of methane. When fossil fuels are transported or produced methane gas is emitted. Livestock farming is the major source of methane emission. There is a wide range of greenhouse effect that varies from one gas to another. Heat absorption and trapping also varies which give out varied effects onto the atmosphere. However debates surrounding the effects and processes of greenhouse gases ebb when people start noting the natural process of the formulation of these gases.

Some of the major sources of greenhouse gases

Vehicles running across the roads everyday form a large part of earth’s total percentage of greenhouse gas emissions. Fuels burn out in huge quantities every day. Cars, planes, trains, ships and trucks are mostly dependent on these fuels. Diesel, petroleum and gasoline form a major part of fuel consumption.

Producing livestock in agriculture emit a lot of greenhouse gases. Rice production and agricultural soils are responsible for producing these gases.

Producing electricity gives out large quantities of greenhouse gases. Estimates have come up with suggestions that electricity is possibly the largest of all greenhouse gas emitting sources. Fossil fuels like coal and natural gas are the major sources of electricity.

There are a wide area of forests and lands that act as a reasonable source of greenhouse gas emissions. Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is absorbed by the lands and forest areas spread across USA. However they have not been emitted into the atmosphere.

There are several household and commercial use products that emit large quantities of greenhouse gases. Heat is produced by burning fossil fuels. Wastes produce these gases. When an estimate of yearly carbon footprint is made it is visible how food, packaging and various other household products give out greenhouse gases.

Effect of Greenhouse gases is massive. Earth has been warming up fast for the past few years. This has been a result increased greenhouse effect. Natural causes also lead to this effect. Water vapour, rains and lightening form increased levels of these gases. Earth is a natural place of all imbalances. Emission and absorption of greenhouse gases take place simultaneously.

Average temperature of the earth is increased which results in complete change of climates.  Human activities have been assessed for decades and they has been stated as the main cause for global warming, rise in water levels and change in land use patterns. Understanding of situations and awareness drives will save the atmospheres and climate behaviours from being further hampered.

About the Author

Adam Wilson is a notable environmentalist dealing with ways that reduce earth’s temperatures. He also writes on different topics like RECYCLING PLASTIC: HOW DO YOU GET BENEFITTED? window tinting in Denver etc.

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