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How Can Plumbers Help in Sustaining Your Water Management?

By Abbas Hussain, Intergrity SEO Experts Water management is a essential part of environmental management and conservation. This battle is half won in our homes as well as businesses. In order for you to manage this particular resource effectively, you need the help of plumbers. These professionals deal with all the piping outside as well […]

India’s water crisis’ cheap solution: Waste water recycling

By Sanjay Vijayakumar, The Economic Times: Where will India get its water from in the coming years? The water challenge is already grave and could get graver. By 2050, for instance, it is estimated that demand would go up to 1,180 million cubic metres, 1.65 times the current levels, a situation that would be made […]

Rio+20 Summit: Sustainable Water Management is Achieving Economic, Social and Environmental Benefits, say Countries

By NEPAD Water Centre of Excellence: Over 80 per cent of countries have reformed their water laws in the past twenty years as a response to growing pressures on water resources from expanding populations, urbanization and climate change. In many cases, such water reforms have had positive impacts on development, including improvements to drinking water […]

FAO Launches Water Management Framework At World Water Week Opening…

By Kaiser Daily Global Health Policy Report: At the opening ceremony of World Water Week in Stockholm, Sweden, on Monday, the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) “launched a framework that will help combat food insecurity by providing methods to better manage water resources in agriculture and reduce waste,” the U.N. News Centre reports. “The initiative, entitled ‘Coping with water […]