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From Nuclear to Biomass Energy in Japan: A Metamorphosis

By Gabe Keith, Cleantech Authority: Noted as the worst nuclear disaster since Chernobyl, an interesting and possibly foreshadowing event is taking place in Japan since the tsunami devastated the land. Wood from the decommissioned nuclear power plants will be used to fuel their Biomass Energy Program. In this case, the old will be replaced by the […]

Industry seeks to weaken EU cap on crop-based fuels

By Reuters: The European Commission is under strong pressure from industry groups and some of its own departments to weaken a planned cap on the use of biofuels made from food crops such as rapeseed and wheat. Last month, the two EU Commissioners responsible for biofuel policy said they planned to limit the share of […]

Jet fuel crop plan in Abu Dhabi ready for take-off

By Caline Malek, The National: An agricultural project aimed at producing sustainable jet fuel from plants is a step closer to taking off. Scientists at the Masdar Institute of Science and Technology hope to acquire 200 hectares of land they need to set up a demonstration farm in Abu Dhabi. “Once we get it, we can start producing […]

UK’s Largest Coal Power Plant to be Converted to a Biomass Plant

The U.K.’s largest coal-fired plant will become western Europe’s largest clean-energy producer with the announcement of Drax Group Plc’s $1 billion effort to transition from burning coal to burning wood. “We see a key part of our future as converting from essentially a coal station to a biomass station,” Chief Executive Officer Dorothy Thompson told […]

A looming biomess

By Power Engineering: Biomass power sector is in trouble. About 60 per cent of the country’s grid-connected po w – er plants that run on biomass are either closed or about to be closed. Reason: rising fuel price, un revised tariff and government apathy. Of the 39 biomass power plants in Andhra Pradesh, the state […]

Airbus adds massive China link to global bio fuels circle

By Ben Sandilands , Crikey: With the West Texas Crude oil price at well under $US 100 per barrel and the cross over price for aviation grade biofuels largely assigned to the $US 140-150 barrel proxy value, the announcement of a deal between Airbus and China’s Sinopec company to develop carbon neutral alternatives to kerosene might […]

Brazil Doubling Sugar-Cane Biomass Research Plan to $988 Million

By Stephan Nielse,  Bloomberg: BNDES, Brazil’s national development bank, and the research-financing agency Finep plan to provide 2 billion reais ($988 million) for ventures developing new techniques to process sugar cane into fuel and specialty chemicals through 2014, double the initial plan. The two government agencies may approve 300 million reais in loans and grants for projects this […]