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Recycling Plastic: How Do You Get Benefitted?

By Adam Wilson: Recycling is a social responsibility and it is really beneficial to the environment as well as to every individual. While most of the people are aware of the benefits of recycling, there are some people who need some more valid reasons to get convinced about the huge benefits of recycling. Now, in […]

India’s water crisis’ cheap solution: Waste water recycling

By Sanjay Vijayakumar, The Economic Times: Where will India get its water from in the coming years? The water challenge is already grave and could get graver. By 2050, for instance, it is estimated that demand would go up to 1,180 million cubic metres, 1.65 times the current levels, a situation that would be made […]

Tracking Trash: Waste Management Companies Benefit from Using GPS Tracking Technology

By Live View GPS: Unless you’re a hoarder, most of us are pretty glad to see the waste management truck visit our house every week to drive away with our refuse, garbage, or trash — whichever term you prefer. But how many of us know just how much planning and monitoring it takes to ensure […]

Living Green in India: “Trash Trail” Part I

By Jennifer Burley, Spinning the Green Wheel Have you ever wondered what happens to your waste once you throw it out? Waste is an issue that has fascinated me since I arrived in India about 6 months ago. Although waste is often very visible on the streets here, I had a very limited understanding of how the waste management […]

Vietnam Strengthens Management Over E-Waste

By Vietnam Business News: Vietnam has yet to pay appropriate attention to learning about the influences and the electronics waste treatment methods. Scientists have warned that it would have to pay a penalty for this. The demand for electronic equipment has increased rapidly in recent years, following the strong economic development which has led to the […]

Potawatomi digester to produce energy

By Molly Newman, BizTimes: Milwaukee area food waste will be used to generate power in an anaerobic digester that will be built at Potawatomi Bingo Casino in Milwaukee. The facility will be able to break down organic materials into methane gas, powering engines that will produce up to 2 megawatts of power. That adds up to […]

Why Bioenergy from Waste is the Way Forward

By European BioEnergy Research Institute: Bioenergy accounts for the majority of renewable energy produced globally.   Bioenergy can be produced in a number of ways from crops, from waste, from algae grown in tanks etc.  This article compares bioenergy produced from biocrops to that produced from waste. Bioenergy is renewable and sustainable energy made from biological […]