The Best Green Appliances

By Lana dale:

Reducing your carbon footprint is a key focal point in much of the media nowadays and it is imperative that everybody does their bit to help make our World a better place for our children and grandchildren. There are many different ways to ‘go green’ from recycling to using up less water and electricity in your everyday life. Modern technology has advanced in such a way that now it is easier than ever to buy appliances for your home that will help you become more eco-friendly.

Turn your laundry green

This isn’t about putting in a green sock with your whites, this is about reducing your carbon footprint and ensuring your washing machine is energy efficient as well as reducing your water usage. There are various different manufacturers that offer an eco-friendly version of washing machines or tumble driers, although none that truly compare to the new range by Bosch. Many of the laundry appliances that they have recently released have a symbol saying ‘Green technology inside’, meaning you can do your washing without worrying about the environment. The Logixx 8 VaioPerfect washing machine, plus others in the range, uses up to 30% less energy than many A rated appliances, as well as reducing most wash times by up to 60%!

Keep your dishes clean and green

In an ideal world, using a dishwasher would not be a necessity as they can consume a lot of energy and water. However, it is understandable that with larger families, hand washing your dishes can become a nightmare. Luckily, there are several appliances on the marker now that have energy efficiency ratings of A++ meaning they consume 20% less energy than your standard dishwasher. The Bloomberg BI is an excellent example of this, combining excellent features to optimise water use as well as energy, whilst looking sleek and stylish at the same time. What to look for in Green Appliances

There are handy ratings that come with all home appliances nowadays, which will tell you how energy efficient that product is. Ideally, anything over an A will help reduce your carbon footprint as well as saving you money in electric bills! If you can find an A++ appliance like the ones listed above, then you can see an even greater saving on your bills, as well as being happy in the knowledge that you are doing something good for the planet.

When considering a new home appliance purchase, take a look through reviews on that product to see whether they are actually as energy efficient as they say. You may also find that reading full product specifications will give you a better idea if that particular appliance is good for your home, or not. Take into account the dimensions if you have a smaller space to fill, the capacity if you need something larger than normal, as well as the look and design of the appliance.

About Author:

Lana dale is a freelance writer who is currently having her kitchen refitted, hence her new found love for white goods. When not trying to be green and ethical, she is promising herself never to be un-ethical and un-green again!

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