How to use technology to go green

Technology is your best friend when it comes to turning green. Here’s how you can utilise the Net and mobile phones to be more ecologically conscious.

Online transactions

Innovations in solar energy and wind turbines may have brought environmental changes on a global scale, but at a more personal level, it’s the Internet that has made us more ecologically responsible. The biggest savings are on transportation costs as you no longer have to drive to the bank, post office or the electricity department for sundry work and payments. Just a few clicks of the mouse and you can save fuel and paperwork. Whether it is to book flight or movie tickets, transfer funds, pay bills or file taxes, online is the green option. In fact, most banks discourage physical payments. For instance, if you pay your credit card bill via cash at a bank branch, you have to pay Rs 100 extra. Add to this the parking and fuel cost, and you’ll probably end up paying about Rs 200 to pay just one bill… Read more


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