Renewable Energy


International Off-grid Renewable Energy Conference Accra, Ghana November1- 2  2012

Renewable Energy World Africa Johannesburg South Africa November 6 – 8, 2012


Indo Renergy Surabaya, Indonesia July 11-13 2012

The 14th International Battery Industry Exhibition Shanghai, China July 18-20 2012

Sun, Inc. 2013 Ulan Bator, Mongolia March 4-5 


International Energy Trade Fair and Conference Augsburg, Germany September 27-30 2012

CEP® Clean Energy & Passivehouse Stuttgart, Germany February  7-9 2013

Middle East

Mena Renewable Energy conference Dubai, UAE September 17 – 19 2012

North America

RETECH 2012 Washington DC, USA October 17-19 2012

Semicon West  San Francisco, USA July 10-12 2012

International Conference on Clean Energy Quebec, Canada September 10-12 2012

South America


All-Energy Australia International Conference Melbourne, Australia October 10 – 11 2012


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