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Source of Greenhouse Gases

Earth’s atmosphere is affected by the harmful emission of green house gases. These gases give off heat. Trapping of heat and making the atmosphere warmer is the work of these gases. Industrial zones are mainly responsible for the emission of these gases. For the past hundred years there has been a major rise in the […]

Climate change is wild card in water security – SEI analysts

By Julie Mollins, Reuters: We can think creatively about water management, but unknown large global threats could cause a fundamental reorganisation of life on Earth, according to a water expert with the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI). “A doomsday scenario would be that if the Greenland ice sheet melts, and then there’s six metres of sea-level rise […]

Holland and Israel: Green tech and gas

More than half of The Netherlands was once covered by water until residents drained the and for settlement and agriculture through a sophisticated system of dams and the country’s now-iconic windmills. However, this means that despite the nation’s pastoral appearance, untamed nature is in short supply. The Netherlands, is seems, is busy developing clean technologies […]

Climate change to cost Latin America $100 bn by 2050: Study

Global warming could exact a devastating toll on the economies of Latin America and the Caribbean, with costs possibly exceeding $100 billion by 2050, the Inter-American Development Bank warned on Tuesday. In a new report, the Washington-based organization also called for “forceful” reductions in greenhouse gases to forestall some of the worst consequences of climate […]

Money meant for wind, solar power loses steam as customers shift from utility giants

By law, 25 percent of Illinois’ electricity must come from wind, solar and other renewable resources by 2025. But as more municipalities elect to buy power from suppliers other than Commonwealth Edison Co. and Ameren Illinois, developers of renewable energy are losing confidence that their projects will be funded long term. Some have already given […]

Fighting Climate Change With a 300-Mile Bike Ride

esterday I had the honor of joining a 200-strong peloton on the last leg of Climate Ride’s five-day cycling journey from New York City to Washington, raising money and awareness for the cause all along the way. The organization I work for, NRDC, is one of more than 30 terrific transportation and environmental groups sponsoring […]

El Niño weather and climate change threaten survival of baby leatherback sea turtles

When leatherback turtle hatchlings dig out of their nests buried in the sandy Playa Grande beach in northwest Costa Rica, they enter a world filled with dangers. This critically endangered species faces threats that include egg poaching and human fishing practices. Now, Drexel University researchers have found that the climate conditions at the nesting beach […]