Recycling Plastic: How Do You Get Benefitted?

By Adam Wilson:

Recycling is a social responsibility and it is really beneficial to the environment as well as to every individual. While most of the people are aware of the benefits of recycling, there are some people who need some more valid reasons to get convinced about the huge benefits of recycling. Now, in this article the benefits of recycling plastic have been discussed. Plastic has turned out to be one of the most extensively used materials, throughout the globe.


Benefits of Recycling Plastic (Image Source: Bangandfilm.


It is known that there are approximately 10,000 kinds of plastic that are being used for manufacturing different types of products, including pet bottles, kids’ toys, household goods, accessories etc. This, results in a considerable increase in plastic waste discarded across the world. It has been observed that a major portion of the global waste consists of various kinds of plastic, which causes a harmful impact on the atmosphere. So, plastic recycling was initiated in order to produce new goods from useless plastic bits and waste.

Here are some of the most important benefits of recycling plastic materials –

Conserves natural resources and energy – Recycling plastic helps to save a huge amount of energy which is needed to manufacture new products. By using recyclable plastic materials factories may produce new products using almost 2 to 3 times lesser energy. Natural resources like petroleum, water, and natural gas are also saved by recycling plastics.

Especially oil and natural gas, the two most important resources to make plastic, are not only limited in supply, but also in huge demand for the production of other important products like electricity or powering automobiles. According to American Plastics Council, plastic production accounts for 70% of plastics that are made from domestic gas and 4% of total energy consumption of U.S. Since plastic materials are already there in plenty, recycling the existing material helps to save lots of resources.

Saves landfill space – Since plastic is not an automatically recyclable material, it can stay in a landfill for hundreds or thousands of years. Hence it is important to recycle plastic properly. In fact, one ton of recycled plastic may save almost 7.4 cubic yards of space in a landfill. Moreover, plastics can be recycled time and again. This ensures that they could probably be removed from landfills altogether.

Recycling helps to reduce the amount of harmful emissions – Plastic products, manufactured from raw material generate a huge amount of harmful greenhouse gases. Using recycled plastic materials, therefore, ensures lesser amount of harmful emissions and helps to make a healthy environment.

Recycling plastic is easier   – These days, almost 80 percent of Americans have easy access to plastic recycling programs. They can always participate in a municipal curbside program or leave all the wastes near a dumpster or a drop-off site. According to the American Plastics Council more than 1,800 U.S. organizations deal with or repossess used plastics. Moreover, there are also many grocery stores that collect plastic wraps and plastic bags.

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Adam Wilson is a popular author. In this article he has discussed about the benefits of recycling plastic.


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