Renewable Green Products for Eco-friendly Environment

By Lucy, Manchester UK:

Eco friendly means environmentally friendly it also mean nature friendly and green. It is a term used to refer services and goods, guidelines, laws and policies that are claimed to inflict no harm or minimal harm on the environment. Many companies use this term to promote their goods and services. It is also used as greenwashing. A renewable product is a natural product with an ability to reproduce. It happens through natural or biological processes. Renewable products are part of our natural environment and thus form eco system.

Renewable Green Products for Eco-friendly EnvironmentThere are different eco friendly renewable materials available such as agricultural products, biomass, water and other. Coming to biomass, it comes from renewable materials like residues from agriculture, such as crops, animal waste and human waste and wastes from industrial sectors of food industries and wood manufacture. It is used to increase energy efficiency, decrease the emission of green house gas and sustain climate change.

When carefully controlled treatment, release and usage are followed water is also be considered as a renewable product. If those conditions are not followed at that location it would become a non renewable resource. Removal of water from pore may cause permanent subsidence then it cannot be renewed. There are many other eco friendly products like banana leaves, coconut products, cogon grass etc.

Preparing a list of resources which are renewable is a helpful way to know more about the environment. Another important renewable product is wood. Now many countries have policies which clearly state how supply of timber and wood is to be managed. Trees play a vital role in the environment.  There are many different products that use natural renewable energy resources like solar energy, wind energy, bio mass etc. The products that use solar energy are solar charge controller, solar fans, solar garden lights, solar heater, solar inverter, solar water heater etc. These products utilize the solar energy effectively.

Solar products make use of solar energy to charge their batteries, once they charged they can  use the charged batteries to continue work. The battery backup will differ from product to product. Similarly the other important renewable energy resource is wind energy. By using wind energy and with the help of turbines we can generate electricity.  There are different products that make use of wind energy and generate electricity like turbines of S series, E-3120 and G-3120 so on.

The eco friendly products are nature friendly but not user friendly in terms of their price. The cost of this items is a little bit high. They are available from $3000. It is a good idea to use eco friendly products even though they cost high. In order to buy those products, if you are short of money then you can go for loans such as personal loans, gadget loans, payday loans etc. It would be better to choose loans with PPI (Payment Protection Insurance) that can help you to provide some coverage if you loss your job or if you are not able to work in the future.

Author Bio: The guest post was contributed by Lucy, financial guest blogger from Manchester, UK. Wrote many articles on ppi claims . Find out more about her blogs @financeport.


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