Building an energy efficient house

By Rens:

Sustainability in construction has become increasingly important over the last few years. Sustainable building methods reduce the damage to the environment and they minimize energy use, waste and pollution. Maximizing energy efficiency in your home is environmentally friendly, but it will also save you money in the long run. Let’s have a look at how to build an energy efficient house.      12.05.12_sust-rprt_rens- home improvement

Walls, windows and the roof
The first step we need to take to make sure our house is energy efficient is to prevent heat from escaping the house. This can be achieved by insulation of walls and the loft. These actions will insure that warmth is kept in and this is extremely important in saving energy and money. Installation of cavity walls will take only a few hours. Small holes are drilled in the mortar between the bricks and then insulation material is pumped in. Loft insulation can also be done in only a few hours. The insulation material is simply rolled out and laid flat across the loft floor ensuring that the heat will not escape through the roof. New houses will already have decent insulation, but older homes will definitely benefit from I and these older homes will certainly need insulation to prevent warmth from escaping. Many old homes also have single glazing windows, which should be replaced by double glazing. A lot of heat escapes from single glazed windows and only half of this amount is lost through double glazed windows. These are important measures to be taken as you probably don’t want money and energy fly out through the walls, windows and the roof! Up to a fifth can be saved on heating costs by making this relatively simple change. Not even to mention the waste of valuable fossil fuels. Old wooden or aluminium frames should be replaced by recycled upvc plastic frames, which are durable and draught free. When it comes to the outside of the roof we often see dark roofs in countries with a cold climate and white roofs in countries with a warm climate. This is done to reflect the heat and light away from the white roof to keep the building colder. Dark roofs send the warmth back into the house as the dark colour soaks up the heat. For these reasons walls, windows and the roof are vital matters before you even start to think about durable energy solutions like solar panels or wind turbines.

atural energy
Because of the tremendous efficiency evolution in solar panels over the last few years, they are becoming increasingly more common and popular. Even President Obama ordered the installation of a solar water heater and solar panels for the White House. It can very well be only a matter of a few years that solar power will overtake coal in terms of efficiency and costs. Solar panels are even a good option in countries where the sun doesn’t shine all the time, as they still will save a great deal. If you are lucky enough to live in a country with a lot of sun, you should see if a large glass window will work for your house. If you live on a hill or by the sea why not take advantage of wind power? You can purchase a wind turbine for less than £2,500, which will generate enough power for the lights and electronic appliances. These are excellent ways to generate power without having to pay for it.

 About Author

Rens has worked in real estate all his life and has been a blogger for ages. He specializes in house clearances and green energy.



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