The solar and energy debates we’re not having

By Chris Meehan, Clean Energy Authority:

During the Presidential and Congressional races, there’s something we’re not hearing enough about, energy and incentives. This is particularly important for renewable like solar and wind, but not because they’re seeking special treatment, they want equal treatment.

One of the biggest issues with energy in the U.S. and renewable energy in particular is it has to compete with energy sources, like oil, gas, coal and nuclear, with long, long histories of federal subsidies, which border on permanent. For example oil and gas have enjoyed subsidies since at least 1916 and coal, since 1932. That’s according to a report from DBL Investors. Meanwhile wind and solar, which are coming closer to being competitive with these other industries—that happen to be doing very well—have experienced a wide variety of short-term incentive programs that have helped them become somewhat more competitive… Read more


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