Sun ready to set on state solar subsidy in San Diego County

By Renewables Biz:

California’s solar panel subsidy will end for San Diego County residents by the end of the year, but Southwest Riverside homeowners will get two more years to bask in its glow, utility and program officials said this week.

The California Solar Initiative, launched in 2007, provided a declining scale of subsidies to people who bought solar panels for their homes or businesses.

Program designers planned on the program lasting through 2016, but California’s solar-panel purchases outpaced expectations and the program will end early. As the subsidy declined, the cost of solar panels dropped and solar leases blossomed, leaving a solar market that’s a bit closer to standing on its own.

“We all of us need to applaud the designers of the CSI program,” said Walker Wright, director of government affairs for SunRun, a solar company. “It truly is the ultimate success story of the design of a solar program that is thinking ahead… Read more


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