Miami Tower Reinvented with LED Lighting

By LED Source:

When you look at buildings in your city’s downtown, are they just plain skyscrapers with little architectural design, or are they modern works of art? Many buildings throughout the world have just the basics when it comes to exterior lighting. But what if there was a solution that not only saved money for building owners and helped the environment, but also brought the building alive with color?  Through the use of energy-efficient LED lighting,reinventing a city skyline with almost limitless color possibilities, is a reality today.

In most cities there seems to be one building that stands out in the concrete jungle. Thebuilding design tends to separate it from the rest and most times, it is lit at night with somearchitectural lighting to enhance or highlight certain areas. Many times it is just in white and in some cases, a handful of colors are used through the use of colored gels. While the use of lighting on a building exterior adds a nice touch, it does come at a significant cost to building owners and conventional lighting systems are manually intensive… Read more


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