Germany’s Renewable Energy Goal

By Solar Feeds:

At the end of last month the Economist published an article on Germany’s energy transition to renewables labeling it a “lunatic gamble”. This could not be further from the truth and in this blog we’ll explain why…

The article claimed that German plans to switch to renewable energy are risky, and yet the transition roadmap is based on the recommendations of an expert advisory panel to the German government, the German Advisory Council on the Environment. This body examined the environmental, economic and energy security impacts of a fully renewable energy system and characterised it as ‘climate-friendly, reliable and affordable’.

Moreover, a number of companies are exiting nuclear, not just in Germany: in July this year Jeff Immelt, Chief Executive of GE – one of the world’s largest suppliers of nuclear power equipment – stated that nuclear power has become “really hard” to justify in comparison to other energy generation options. Peter Terium, CEO of RWE, has said his company is exiting from nuclear “with conviction”, and that the “risk this technology presents is not an option in the long run.” Even EDF CEO Vincent de Rivaz, when pressed on the cost of nuclear, was not able to confirm that nuclear will be cheaper than offshore wind by 2020… Read more


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