3 Ways to Overcome Battle Between Solar and Trees

By i Sustainable Earth:

When we talked about saving the earth a few years ago, we discussed planting more trees and not cutting down trees. It is amazing how this has shifted to the different dynamics of trying to reduce the carbon footprints today.

All initiatives and debates about protecting the environment are centered on cutting down our carbon footprints and it is almost hilarious that the two top ways of doing so are at conflict. The practice of planting trees and the innovation that is solar energy have seen their paths cross not once or twice but several times in communities and even in the courtrooms.

Before analyzing the flesh of this debate, a simple understanding of the carbon footprint theory is imperative. Simply put, the activities of humans in the domestic or corporate arena result directly or indirectly in the production of greenhouse gases, which are cited as the primary cause of global warming and adverse changes in our climate. Whether it is the case of a company that has a factory that releases CO2 into the air or the common folk using fuel which destroys the environment… Read more 


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