Tracking Trash: Waste Management Companies Benefit from Using GPS Tracking Technology

By Live View GPS:

Unless you’re a hoarder, most of us are pretty glad to see the waste management truck visit our house every week to drive away with our refuse, garbage, or trash — whichever term you prefer. But how many of us know just how much planning and monitoring it takes to ensure all those trash trucks make their specified trash pickup routes? Well, it’s a pretty big deal, that has become easier, thanks to modern GPS fleet tracking technology.

The benefits of using GPS tracking technology for fleet vehicle is proving to be the next big thing in waste management. A fleet of garbage-eating vehicles can guzzle up a lot of fuel in no time at all — and with the prices of gasoline these days, inefficient routes or poor driving behavior can add on hefty expenses.

But by installing global positioning system tracking devices on their fleet vehicles, waste management companies will find a multitude of benefits… Read more


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