Appetite for biofuels taking food directly from the poor

By Jim Clarken, Irish Times:

OPINION: The problem is that land and crops are diverted to keep our engines running

THEY LOOK green. And with an eco-friendly name, they sound it too.

But biofuels are driving up food prices and contributing to climate change on an unprecedented scale.

So why is the European Union continuing to subsidise an industry that is hurting the world’s poorest, and costing taxpayers too? Blended with fossil fuels to run in conventional cars, corn, wheat, sugar cane and beet can be turned into ethanol and used as a substitute for petrol.

Oilseeds such as rapeseed, soy or palm oil can also be used, and converted to biodiesel.

At present, they account for about 4.5 per cent of the fuel that goes into Irish cars and are part of the Government’s plan to obtain 20 per cent of all energy from renewable sources by 2020… Read more


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