France May Act to Protect Wind, Solar-Power Jobs as Growth Slows

By Tara Patel, Bloomberg:

France may unveil measures to safeguard jobs in wind and solar energy after subsidy cuts and tightening credit markets slowed growth in the industry.

The government may make an announcement during a two-day environment conference starting Sept. 14 in Paris, according to an Energy Ministry official who asked not to be identified. The plan would be an attempt to move quickly to help the industry, the official said, declining to provide details.

France, like the U.K. and Germany, has scaled back support for renewable energies after incentive programs led to runaway growth, equipment costs fell and economic stagnation curbed available funds. France put a cap on new solar installations last year, while wind companies are contending with a cut in the feed-in tariff, a premium price paid for clean power.

Even with these restrictions, President Francois Hollande is seeking to boost renewable-energy output as he works to reduce France’s reliance on nuclear power, which accounts for more than three-quarters of the nation’s electricity output… Read more


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