A Vision of Japan’s Renewable Energy Landscape in 2050

By Fresh Currents:

During the summer of 2012, hundreds of thousands of Japanese demonstrated against restarting the nation’s nuclear power plants. Opinion polls showed up to 80 percent of the nation favored phasing out nuclear power and moving into renewable energy. The following scenario shows what Japan could look like in mid-century if it adopts that path.

In July of 2008, the Japan Renewable Energy Policy Platform (JREPP) was established by eight organizations involved in renewable energy, including the Institute for Sustainable Energy Policies (ISEP). JREPP encourages Japan to have its own long-range renewable energy plan. To help reach the goal of a sustainable energy future, JREPP has published, in Japanese, its 2050 Vision of Renewable Energy.
By mid-century, Japan could feasibly produce 50% of Japan’s energy requirements using renewable energy sources, thereby reducing CO2 emissions from energy use by 75% compared to 2000. Moreover, if demand for electricity declines as a result of energy-saving measures, 100% of demand could be covered by renewable energy sources. But, in order to achieve this long-term vision, political commitment is crucial, and including nontraditional costs such as the effect of climate change in cost/benefit analyses will also be indispensable.

DATA SOURCE Data from the National Institute for Environmental Studies was used for analysis of this long-term scenario, with moderate modification in energy demand in the private sector. Consequently, a big decrease in energy consumption is assumed… Read more


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