Resource Depletion and Green Supply Chain Management

By Eco Evaluator:

Across the globe, rising temperatures are causing changes in weather patterns. At the same time, population growth and the rise of the middle class in countries like China and India are contributing to the depletion of natural resources at rates never before seen. Water supplies are drying up, causing shortages that threaten human and economic health – and, increasingly, people are seeing barriers to accessing clean water and sanitation.

 China and Germany Focus on Renewable Energy

  Numerous nations have undertaken ambitious projects to slow the pace of global warming and resource depletion. China has set a goal of using renewable energy for 15% of its energy needs by 2020. In the city of Rizhao on the northern coastline of China, the provincial government provided subsidies and research help to the solar panel industry. It also passed legislation to promote the use of solar panels and educated residents on the advantages of solar power. Today, 99% of the city’s residents use solar water heaters, and streetlights and traffic signals are powered by solar… Read more


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