Energy-saving LED street lights could be headed our way

Dan Hartzell, The Morning Call:

Q: Aug. 1 marked the five-year anniversary of the fatal collapse of the I-35 bridge in Minnesota. That bridge has been replaced with an improved design that is not ‘fracture critical’ and is considered to be a ‘smart’ bridge featuring 26 accelerometers that continuously monitor vibrations. It also has the first application of LED lighting. Are there any plans for LED highway lights in Pennsylvania in the near future?

— Dale Heffelfinger, Whitehall Township

A: LED lighting is the best and brightest of the energy-efficient lighting technologies coming down the road — one of the few new models, really, since artificial illumination sprung from the Edison assembly line more than 130 years ago.

Light Emitting Diodes offer the smoothest ride of any lighting technology for energy efficiency and product longevity, though sticker shock is a factor. As with most showroom-floor technologies, prices are expected to drift downhill as the market grows and manufacturing efficiencies are realized… Read more


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