National Security and Renewable Energy

By Tina Casey, Tripple Pundit:

For almost 20 years after its inception in 1980, Borrego Solar existed as a small enterprise doing one-off residential solar installations within a small network. Jump ahead to August 2012, and Borrego has been named by Inc. Magazine as one of the fastest growing energy companies in the U.S. How did this come about?

Triple Pundit had the pleasure of sitting down this week with Army veteran Jon Gensler, a project manager at California-based Borrego, who provided us with some wide ranging views on the factors that help a company succeed in today’s hotly competitive solar market, including the connection between national security and renewable energy. Jon’s engagement with the broad issues surrounding solar power is playing an important role at Borrego Solar, and it is interesting to see how his advocacy interlocks with some key steps the company has taken to accelerate its growth, and with the development of a legislative framework that supports alternative energy.

Communicating about solar power

Building public confidence in alternative energy is a critical task for Borrego Solar and the alternative energy industry as a whole, and it is no simple task. Today’s media landscape is dominated by pundits and legislative leaders who promote the view that alternative energy is an expensive toy, not a serious form of future power… Read more


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