The Top 10 Advanced biofuels and biorefining companies in Asia

By Jim Lane, Biofuels Digest:

Today, the US and Canada are celebrating Labor Day, but hard work goes on throughout Asia. Advanced biorefineries have a special place in that region’s growth plans, owing to a shortage of fossil fuels, and abundance of biomass, a tradition of public-private partnership in financing, and robust economies that are highly dependent on agriculture and manufacturing.

While the economic growth in China has been drawing virtually all the headlines in recent years, the “Tiger” economies of Southeast and South Asia have been fast-growing for a long time, and with resources including palm and cassava waste and sugarcane bagasse – not to mention industrial off-gases and municipal waste, there’s good reason for any company developing integrated biorefineries to have thought through its Asian strategy. Many companies are already in place developing at an accelerated pace.

Three themes have emerged that define the top companies.

1. Lowest-cost winner. You have to have what is felt to be the low-cost winner with a given feedstock, and that feedstock has to be abundantly available and not compete with established users such as the food industry… Read more


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