Japan to increase capacity of four renewable energy sources by more than sixfold

By The Denki Shimbun:

Ministry of the Environment (MOE) of Japan has formulated a strategy to drastically expand the use of four renewable energy sources: offshore wind, geothermal, biomass and ocean (tidal and wave). While the generation capacity of these four sources combined was only 2,960 MW in fiscal 2010, MOE aims to increase it to a total of 19,410 MW by 2030.

The strategy was announced by MOE minister Goshi Hosono at a press conference held after the August 31 cabinet meeting. It envisages increasing by 2030 the annual generation capacity of offshore wind power to 8,030 MW, geothermal power to 3,880 MW, biomass power to 6,000 MW and ocean energy to 1,500 MW by strongly promoting research and development as well as demonstration projects… Read more


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