Why Bioenergy from Waste is the Way Forward

By European BioEnergy Research Institute:

Bioenergy accounts for the majority of renewable energy produced globally.   Bioenergy can be produced in a number of ways from crops, from waste, from algae grown in tanks etc.  This article compares bioenergy produced from biocrops to that produced from waste.

Bioenergy is renewable and sustainable energy made from biological materials such as:

  • Plants such as corn, soya and sunflower (known as biocrops)
  • Wood chippings (i.e. wood waste)
  • Rice husks
  • Commercial, municipal and industrial waste
  • Manure and sewage

These materials are referred to as biomass.  Sometimes they are called biofuels but this term is more often used to describe liquid bioenergy fuels, such as biodiesel.

Bioenergy Produced From Biocrops

Bioenergy has been produced from biocrops since cavemen started the first wood fire… Read more


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