Biology, Biofuels and the End of Energy Dependence

By  Madison Jones, Sustainable Plant:

It’s no secret that the world may soon be facing an oil crisis. Increased dependence on gasoline by countries like the United States and China is driving up demand, at the same time as oil-rich regions of the world – particularly the Middle East – are facing almost constant political turmoil and upheaval. One solution might be to expand drilling domestically, but the resulting supply still would be limited and has many environmentalists up in arms. Establishing extensive drilling, whether in oceans or in communities, could cause pollution and environmental contamination. Many scientists are recommending biofuels as an alternative. While promising, biofuels, which are derived from plants or other organic materials, are still in their nascent stages of development, and come with controversies of their own.

A biofuel is an energy source derived from renewable sources, usually through carbon fixation. Scientists typically begin by looking for ways of isolating the compounds that give plants and animals energy, then manipulating those to become usable energy sources for things like cars and airplanes… Read more


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