Waste Management problems in Mauritius

By Jean-Yves Bignoux, News Time Africa:

It is well known from the numerous tourists and visitors from around the world that the island  state of  Mauritius is an all inspiring place to be for the well versed holiday maker, with its blue and green eclectic lagoons and golden beaches that shine in an awesome bright gold and green and for the magical wonders of its pristine natural environment whether it be  beaches or mountains or the unforgettable  hotels and resorts  that play wonder to this paradise ,that this island in the South West tropical Indian Ocean is a holiday dreamland to either those who have been on its shores and for those who are intending to visit. But beneath the glory and wonder that this island portrays in the various travel brochures and endless hotel reviews and tourism promotions, there is a side to Mauritius that many visitors may have not seen beyond the resorts and hotels that pepper this seemingly majestically island .If you take a closer look of the beaten track and out of your 5 star hotel.

Mauritius is a pleasure trove of white powder beaches and stunning oceanic scenery coupled with some of the world’s most prestigious hotels ,this island enjoys for the most part of any given year over 900,000 tourists per year… Read more


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