LED lighting has the obvious advantages and promising future

By LED Lighting Blog:

For the low luminous efficiency, LED’s application is mainly in a variety of display areas. With the appearance of high brightness LED (especially white LED), many cities actively begin to use LED light source. Firstly, the government stressed to use the LED lights at the street, so that people can understand and use the LED light source. International authoritative institutions predict that we will enter into a new era ofLED lighting industry represented by LED, which is known as the fourth generation light source.

The “green light” is a new concept, which is brought forward in the late 1980s in the field of foreign lighting field. The implementation of China’s “Green Lighting Project” began in 1996. An important step to achieve this plan is to develop and promote the efficient, energy-saving lighting appliances, saving electricity, reducing the environmental and light pollution, the establishment of a qualified and efficient, economic and comfortable, safe and reliable, environmentally friendly lighting systems. However, it is far to reach the requirements of “Green Light”, the development and application of more efficient, reliable, safe, durable, new light is imperative. Currently, lighting consumes takes about 20% of the entire power consumption, soled lighting industry energy savings for the industry is the important way to achieve energy saving… Read more


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