Green Haiti

By Alan Mickelson, Energybiz:

HAITI POSSESSES SIGNIFICANT renewable energy potential: full solar irradiance occurs 300 days a year, predictable daily trade winds on the coast are funneled through mountain passes, and streams and rivulets run down from the mountains that form the interior of the country. The Haitian government is offering energy credits for installation of green energy up to a total of $200 million. Numerous aid and nongovernmental organizations are further priming the green energy pump with investments. A problem lies in the investment in human capital. Haitians need to be trained so that the country as a whole can profit from green energy, and that is the ultimate goal of the Green Energy and Vocational Training for Haiti (VTH) project.

The project is a collaborative effort of faculty and students of the University of Colorado at Boulder and the Neges Foundation of Leogane, Haiti, that prepares Haitian students for careers in renewable energy. The effort is funded by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers and the University of Colorado Outreach through the Mortenson Center for Engineering in Developing Communities under the direction of Alan Mickelson and Michael Hannigan… Read more


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