Crowdfunding + Renewable Energy to Sweep the World?

By Clean Technica:

Businesses measure performance in profit and returns. Social entrepreneurs measure performance in terms of positive impact on society.  Of the many things that a society needs to function are basic necessities like food, water and electricity.  We’ve seen the impact of the ebbs and flows of food in places like India and the necessity for clean water in Africa and the demand for cheap energy on many an island nation where they have to import their energy in the form of fossil fuels.  However with the advent of Crowdfund Investing (aka equity or debt-based crowdfunding) will we now see technology merge with social entrepreneurship to solve some of the world’s leading societal problems?  Probably so.

Crowdfunding Investing Coming in 2013

 Even before Crowdfund Investing goes live in 2013, we’ve seen social entrepreneurs leverage technology to launch project on Kickstarter to bring water to Africa or even platforms like Terracycle that aims to turn trash into profits here in the United States… Read more

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