What if Romney’s wrong? A look at renewable energy dollars and cents

By Mark Jaffe, Denver Post:

The problem with renewable energy is that it just costs too much – everyone knows that. Really it is just pie in the sky.

“The ‘green’ technologies are typically far too expensive to compete in the marketplace,” says the Romney campaign’s energy policy statement. “The failure of windmills and solar plants to become economically viable or make a significant contribution to our energy supply is a prime example.”

And so we are left with the vision of a quixotic Barack Obama tilting for wind mills, with Joe Bidden Sancho Panza?

But is the Romney narrative true?

It really depends on how you count up the dollars and how far down the road you look. Do you include all the subsidies and tax treatment for each technology? Do you look at future costs and future performance? Even the interest rate on money borrowed to build a project can make a difference… Read more


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