As electric bills rise, is green energy worth it?

By Kate Wells, Michigan Radio:

Maybe you’ve seen a note on your electric bill, saying some of your payment goes towards green energy initiatives. It’s to help explain – and, just maybe, stave off frustration about – double-digit increases in the last few years.

But green energy aside, all these rising rates have some out-of-state electric companies seeing a business opportunity. They’ve joined with several Michigan businesses to form the group Energy Choice Now, which put out a new study out this week.

The study says high rates are hurting Michigan’s economy, and hey, here’s a convenient solution: why not let more companies get into Michigan’s utilities market?  Say, for example, some of the companies behind Energy Choice Now?

Ok, the study doesn’t recommend specific electric companies, but you can see how it’s all connected. They do have a point: just two companies, DTE and Consumers Energy, have a lock on 90% of Michigan’s electric customers… Read more


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