Will the Department of Defense Help Open the Way to Next Generation Biofuels?

By Ned Stowe, Renewable Energy World:

The budget line item for alternative fuels development is a drop in the bucket in terms of overall military spending, but it could be transformative for reducing the military’s vulnerability to rising global petroleum prices and supply disruptions. It could also be game changing for fulfilling the nation’s long-term commitment to developing competitively priced, domestically produced, more sustainable, renewable advanced biofuels. Yet getting this Congress to fund this Defense Department initiative is proving to be an uphill battle.

When the Senate returns in September, one of its top priorities on the crowded agenda will be to pass the annual defense authorization bill. The Senate Armed Services Committee completed its work on the bill, (The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for Fiscal Year (FY) 2013, S. 3254), on May 24. In their final mark-up, two amendments that would strictly limit the Defense Department’s (DOD) role in developing commercial scale production of next generation biofuels and purchasing these fuels for use were narrowly approved, by roll call votes of 13-12…. Read more


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  1. A private Florida company Turn-Key Energy is setting up a PV solar power station in the Republic of Djibouti to provide electricity to the only US military base in Africa (Camp Lemonier). http://www.djpl.org

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