Delaware opens Pandora’s Box with BloomEnergy black box

By Lindsay Leveen, Net Right Daily:

In November 2011, BloomEnergy applied for permits to build an energy center in a Delaware protected coastal zone area. The center would employ solid oxide fuel cells powered by natural gas and housed in casings that look like huge boxes — Bloom Boxes or “energy servers.”

The application raised alarms among Delaware citizens worried that they were being handed a Pandora’s Box of unwelcome rate hikes and other surprises. They have watched the First State of the Union (Delaware) examining the first state of matter (solid, as in solid oxide fuel cells), and discussing matters of state with heavyweight “venture” capitalists who have superb connections from both sides of the political aisle, as they sought rubberstamp approvals for special tax treatment, electricity rates and environmental permits, for a supposedly “green” technology.

Solid oxide fuel cells have been around for fifty years. Bloom claims it has improved their performance through proprietary breakthroughs in materials science… Read more


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