Circuit of the Americas seeking incentives for solar-power generation

By Dave Doolittle,

Circuit of the Americas is seeking incentives from Austin Energy to generate solar power to be used at the racetrack under construction in southeastern Travis County.

The circuit is seeking an estimated $49,300 per year for a total of no more than $566,200 over 10 years, according to city documents. The first race weekend is Nov. 16-18.

“As part of our overall sustainability strategy, we’re looking pretty hard at having some on-site solar,” said Edgar Farrera, sustainability director at Circuit of the Americas. “Part of that, the financial analysis of whether we can have that now or do we wait … is dependent in part on whether we get the incentive.”

The circuit is considering an on-site solar array that could produce 3.3 million kilowatt-hours of energy over a decade, Farrera said. That’s enough to power 28 average Austin homes for 10 years, according to Austin Energy. Farrera estimated that it could generate about 40 percent of the site’s energy use on non-race days… Read more


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