Can biofuels really make a nation safer?

By  , biofuels digest:

Answers to your questions about national security, energy independence, and military biofuels.

Dan Nolan is a retired US Army Colonel and he is also the CEO of  Sabot 6, a company that brings Strategic Management Skills to Energy Security. His introduction to the global energy challenge came back in 2002 when on an assignment relating to energy generation in the Middle East.

“It didn’t take long to figure out,” he recalled, “how many casualties we were taking in Iraq and Afghanistan via logistical convoys, and that 70 percent of what we were driving up those roads was water and fuel.” He pauses. “It comes down to this, how do we get the trucks off the road?”

“The Army and the Air Force, they’re taking a measured approach, certifying equipment, with the Air Force taking the view that they are ready to buy as soon as the cost is competitive.

“But the Navy is more aggressive,” Nolan explains. “They know that unless there is an alternative, they are going to continue to spend $3.5 million per day to keep carrier battle groups in the Straits of Malacca and Hormuz. They feel that they have got to do something to stimulate the commercialization of this hugely important technology… Read more


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