Boeing and China team up for biofuels

By Air Cargo World:

Boeing and the Commercial Aircraft Corp. of China have opened a facility in Beijing intended to push forward the development of alternative fuels and other aviation technologies. Employees of the newly minted Boeing-COMAC Aviation Energy Conservation and Emissions Reductions Technology Center will fist tackle recycling cooking oil into biofuel. Participants in the facility include Chinese universities and research institutions.

According to a press release announcing the collaboration, China consumes 29 million tonnes of cooking oil annually, and Chinese planes use about 20 million tonnes of jet fuel.

“Energy conservation emission reduction has currently become the hotspot and focus of the global aviation sector, and our collaboration with Boeing in this regard will have profound impacts in China as well as the world,” COMAC’s Shi Jianzhong said in a statement. “Meanwhile, we wish to construct the new center as a demonstrative advanced technology center and to make contributions to the development of the aviation industry in China and world with the concerted efforts of both sides.”

Boeing and Airbus have been collaborating with carriers for the past few years, running test flights of planes fueled by blends of traditional jet fuel and recycled waste… Read more


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