How India Jump-Started Its Solar Economy


This month, the chief minister of the Indian state of Gujarat announced that the world’s largest solar planthad started producing electricity. The plant’s solar panels fill thousands upon thousands of acres and, in theory, can produce about half as much power as a nuclear plant. Opening a solar plant of that size would be an impressive feat anywhere in the world, but it’s especially noteworthy considering that two years ago, India’s total solar power capacity was next to nothing.

The potential for solar power in India is astronomical. Much of the country averages 300 days of sunlight each year: If much-wetter Germany can go solar, India certainly can. In 2010, India’s national government launched a project to rapidly ramp up the country’s solar power capacity, and it’s worked: As of March, the country has 30 times more solar power than it did at the beginning of the program—enough to power a small city… Read more


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