Renewable Energy Ambitions, Independence & Donald Trump


We were fortunate enough to have some time with Scotland’s First Minister Alex Salmond where we discussed a broad range of topics from Scotland’s ambitious renewable energy targets and North Sea oil & gas to Scottish independence and Donald Trump.

In the interview, Alex discusses:

* How Scotland will achieve its ambitious renewable energy targets.  * The impact North Sea oil and gas revenues would have on an independent Scotland.  * How Scotland can become the green energy capital of Europe.  * Donald Trumps recent tantrum over offshore wind energy.  * The impact Independence would have on the Scottish economy. * Why companies are continuing to invest in Scotland’s renewable energy sector.  * Why Scotland would establish an oil fund and how it would be used.  * Why the shale revolution will not affect investment in Scottish renewables.  * The recent partnership between Scotland and Abu Dhabi.  * How Scotland will achieve its ambitious renewable energy targets.

Alex Salmond is the First Minister of Scotland and head of the Scottish National Party. He is a champion of green energy and has a vision to transform Scotland into a renewable energy powerhouse whilst aggressively reducing the country’s carbon emissions… Read more


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