GE, Urban Green Energy set up first integrated, wind-powered EV charging station (video)

By Jon Fingas, engadget:

GE and Urban Green Energy might not be the first to install a wind-powered EV charging station, but the two may be the best prepared to take the concept to a grander scale. The partnership just installed the first Sanya Skypump just outside of Barcelona to serve corporate and government drivers with truly clean energy at levels that meet their typically heftier demands. It’s billed as one of the first properly integrated wind-powered EV chargers, and it’s undoubtedly one of the more elegant: one of UGE’s 4K wind turbine towers catches energy from the breeze above, while a GE Durastation tucked neatly at the bottom provides high-voltage charging for EV drivers undoubtedly eager to get moving once again. Don’t worry if you don’t speak enough Catalan to charge up at the initial location, either, as plans are underway to bring Skypumps to malls and universities across Australia and the US before 2012 is over. The only catch is the frown you’ll likely get if you try to plug in a personal car for a top-up — let’s hope the attention swings towards completely green power sources for commuters in the near future… Read more


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