Australia’s solar snowball

By Nigel Morris, Climate Spectator:

Yesterday, a little bit of Australian solar history was made.

For the very first time ever (that I am aware of) pretty much every solar and renewable advocacy, lobbying and industry organisation in the country got together around a table (with a couple of apologies from those unable to attend).

To their great credit, the Australian Solar Energy Society arranged this event. Although our associations do try to align, the reality is there are different agenda’s, priorities, ambitions and skill-sets so in the midst of the day to day grind everyone (myself included) just tends to get on with things and we don’t always communicate as much as we should. None of us are perfect.

It was a much needed, logical coming together of like-minded and engaged organisations and it was refreshing to hear a wide variety of views. A date for the next meeting is already set. As Commander Spock said “Logic is the beginning of wisdom, not the end”… Read more


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