Ukraine can produce more energy from renewable sources than it consumes, says German expert


“The prospects for the country are extraordinary, you can provide more than 100% of the country’s energy needs. Ukraine has high solar and wind potential, it can use the energy of marine flows, and geothermal energy. Special attention should be paid to bio-energy: while actively developing this industry, the country can not only cover its own needs, but also start exporting biogas to Europe,” he said in Kyiv on Monday.

According to Fell, Ukraine should seek a full transition to renewable sources by 2030, and at the last resort by 2050.

The expert believes that the allegations of the excessive high cost of renewable energy for Ukraine are groundless.

“We’re often told that the development of renewable energy is an extremely high load on the economy. That’s not correct – renewable energy stabilizes the economy. Through the use of renewable energy sources thousands of new jobs are created, and there is no need to seek funds to buy energy resources abroad,” he said… Read more


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