African Clean Technology Conference To Focus On Technologies That Inhibit Climate Change


Viridis Africa, the clean technology business and investment conference presents a matchmaking platform for African renewable energy, waste management, water conservation, and recycling projects and initiatives on 16th and 17th October 2012 at the Killamey Country Club, Lower Houghton South Africa.

The event is dedicated to African business owners who seek funding to introduce clean technology solutions and services. African and foreign investors will be in attendance at the event, seeking to fund new commercial opportunities, strategic alliances, distribution partners and acquisitions.

Viridis Africa challenges participants and business case presenters at the conference to present and discuss appropriate solutions to African climate change problems and to champion African economic growth.

The conference organizers are expecting that the Viridis Africa (which means “Green Africa” in Latin) event will in no small measure bring attention to the clean technology development efforts in Africa as one of the avenues by which socio-economic benefits could be derived i.e. lead to poverty reduction, disease prevention through such methods as improved waste management and water treatment technologies, and higher literacy levels due to access to electricity, and of course create employment… Read more


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