Moving towards 100% renewable energy in 10 years

By Peter Castaldo:

About six months ago I went to a talk presented by a group called Beyond Zero Emissions (BZE). They spoke about a plan to repower Australia with 100% renewable energy in 10 years. I’d always been interested in renewable energy and wondered why we don’t use it more. By the end of the talk I felt like they’d simplified this great big complicated topic. I was inspired by their ambition and vision and now have a much greater understanding of the big picture on renewables, C02 emissions, and how to solve the climate change problem.

The talk was so refreshing in a world that’s squabbling about achieving 20% C02 reductions by 2020 and here was a plan to show how we can have 100% reductions. So I bought their first book Stationary Energy Plan and started reading then cross referencing on the internet to check it all made sense. It all stacked up! So I felt I had to get on board with this amazing organisation. It took me a while before I felt I had a basic grasp of the subject and couldn’t wait to go out to speak to others about it. Today is my first presentation to the general public. It’s also the first time I’ve spoken in front of an audience about something that’s really important and I’m passionate about… Read more


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