Sun to power some streetlights in Bangladesh capital

In a bid to encourage green technology, Bangladesh is set to unveil solar powered lights on one selected street and install solar powered traffic lights at intersections in the capital.

The measures are still unusual for Bangladesh, where only 45 percent of its more than 150 million people have access to electricity. Most still depend on kerosene and wood for their daily energy needs.

Frequent power cuts often trigger violent protests in the impoverished South Asian country, which suffers daily shortages.

“This is a pilot project, part of our green initiative,” said Jafar Ahmed, an official of the Dhaka South City Corporation. “If this is successful, we will take initiatives to have solar powered lights in other city streets.”

The installation of the LED (Light Emitting Diode) lights that will be powered by the sun has already been completed at 61 lamp posts in the designated street in Dhaka. The lights have been tested for short periods of time and will come into full use in a week or two.

Currently, Dhaka uses around 22,000 sodium lights and 57,000 fluorescent lights for its streetlights… Read more


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