Newman’s spiteful attack on clean energy

What is it about renewable energy that upsets conservatives?

Whatever it is, it has just driven Campbell Newman to renege on an election promise and gut Queensland’s highly successful Solar Bonus Scheme by reducing the rate payable to households feeding solar energy into the grid by more than 80 per cent.

This means households will be paid significantly less for the electricity they generate than they pay for the electricity they purchase from the grid (i.e. we are not just talking about getting rid of a subsidy – households will get paid a rate that is well below market rate).

Why do that? Especially after expressly stating that he would not? While contesting the state election as a Greens candidate, I heard Campbell Newman and other LNP candidates commit to retain the scheme on more than one occasion. The commitment also appeared in the LNP’s savings and costings document at page six.

We can nitpick over whether a commitment to retain the scheme is violated when Campbell & Co dramatically dilute the financial incentive the scheme offers. But surely all would agree that the sentence, “The LNP has already committed to retaining the solar feed-in tariff” carries the strong implication that the solar tariff we are referring to is the existing one.. Read more


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